iNVISION Group offers a full array of planning services for our clients that include vision, mission, and strategic planning services. In addition to these traditional and vitally important planning processes, iNVISION Group also offers a one-of-a-kind problem solving technique entitled an Amalgam© Session. All of these respective services are crafted to assist our clients to achieve unprecedented levels of success though reflective, thoughtful, and purposeful planning.

Vision & Mission Development

We at iNVISION Group believe that the creation and establishment of a core Vision and Mission are far too often done as a matter of compliance to an established norm, as opposed to being the foundation for every thought, discussion, and decision that a business or organization undertakes. iNVISION Group not only assists our clients with articulating the essence of who they are through their respective vision and mission statements, but will continue to provide consultative supports well beyond their inception.

iNVISION Group offers a multi-session vision and mission development process, which is entitled the Power of 3. The Power of 3 is a systems approach to creating the core vision with three accompanying mission statements. The newly crafted vision and mission statements are then strategically and securely installed into the fabric of our client’s business or organization, with all team members (from the most senior leader – to the most entry-level position) knowing, understanding, and becoming the embodiment of the new vision and missions for their business or organization. In doing so, the team will gain a clarity of purpose and direction not yet imagined.

This service includes:

  • Personalized preplanning consultation with key senior leadership prior to the onset of the vision & mission development
  • Personalized work sessions with all key stakeholders (from various levels within your business or organization)
  • Development of a focused vision statement
  • Development of a clearly articulated mission, formulated around a triad of goals, keenly focused back to our client’s newly created vision statement

Strategic Planning Services

We at iNVISION Group believe that success begins with a clearly defined set of goals, which then become the blueprint for all organized discussions, decisions, and plans – allowing for the foundational beliefs of our clients’ business or organization to come to fruition. iNVISION Group assists our clients in crafting a clear plan for the future of their business or organization, allowing all stakeholders to share in the journey towards the final destination.

iNVISION Group utilizes a uniquely curated 7-step planning process that assists our clients in crafting immediate, action-oriented, 90, 180, 270, and 365-day goals, while simultaneously formulating long-range 3 and 5 year changes.

At the conclusion of the process, our clients have a clearly crafted plan, as well as deliverables for the future, based upon input from all stakeholders.

Download a copy of the iNVISION Group Strategic Planning Process

Amalgam© Problem-Solving Technique

Amalgam© is a unique neuroscience-centered problem-solving technique. An Amalgam© session brings together brain-based activities, micro-training/learning, and concise discussion/resolution outcomes that spark creative thoughts and solutions that may instantly be put into action.

An Amalgam© session is a structured event that fosters reflection in a mindful timeframe of 120-minutes. The 120-minute event includes: focusing, preparing, listening, learning, sharing, synthesizing, and of course – resolution.

Download a copy of the Amalgam© Problem Solving Technique – Summary

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