The word ‘service’ means ‘the act of helping or providing aid.’ This definition is at the heart of all we do at iNVISION Group. Please take a moment to review our respective offerings. We hope that you will not only find them to be of value to you, but that we, as a firm, may be of service to you.


Just as top athletes and business leaders look to and utilize coaches to elevate their skills to the next levels, iNVISION Group is poised to be that support for our clients and their teams. Our coaching services employ research-based proven strategies that promote reflection, learning, problem solving, and assist our clients in advancing to the very pinnacle of their respective industries as growth-minded intentional leaders.

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Growth is the outcome that occurs when knowledge and learning intersect. At iNVISION Group we offer full array of professional development trainings, workshops, and learning programs on a variety of leadership skills, personal development, creativity & innovation topics. These learning engagements utilize the most current research along with industry and humanistic best practices, to meet the unique and diverse needs of our clients.

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Unless one wishes to live their entire life by happenstance – leaving all to chance – strategies and goals are desperately needed. But this is just the first step. Once the strategies and goals are set, executable plans are then essential to see these goals through to fruition. iNVISION Group supports our clients with these needs through our research-based, purpose-driven, Power of 3 and curated organizational planning tools. Be it vision, mission, strategic planning, or problem solving demands, we have the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to meet each of these respective planning areas, so that our clients may thrive on purpose, while leaving nothing to chance.

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Data – as they say – is King (or Queen). We live in a time of unprecedented reliance on data and statistics to guide our decisions and to execute our plans. To that end, iNVISION Group offers multiple survey and data gathering tools purposely-designed to analyze an individual’s affinity to lead, as well as to acutely explore the skills necessary to becoming a truly transformational leader.

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