In today’s fast-paced competitive environment, reflective (mindful) leadership has never been more needed or more in demand. Regrettably, the fast-paced world in which we live leaves many leaders with the sense of uncertainty, confusion, and even isolation. But there is a better way, and this is where we can help. iNVISION Group offers Executive and Leadership Coaching designed to assist our clients with research-based proven strategies that will allow each to reflect, problem solve, and grow as purpose-driven – intentionally-minded – leaders.


The following questions are utilized during the construct of the coaching sessions:

  • Where are you currently?
  • Where would you like to be? 
  • How do we get you there?

With these questions as a guide, our clients: explore and learn various strategies, gain vital insights and skillsets, and formulate action-steps geared toward attaining their respective goals. Personal development, within the coaching process, enables our clients to navigate their respective leadership path fully-equipped with the insights, tools, and newfound habits necessary to succeed not only today, but tomorrow, and for the tomorrows to come.


iNVISION Group will deliver on the following:

Initial Session:

  • The initial session is entitled the ‘Exploration Session’ and is at no cost to the client
  • The ‘Exploration Session’ typically lasts between 1.5 – 2.0 hours and is intended as a rapport building and goal setting session

Ongoing Sessions:

  • Sessions are typically one hour in length and are held twice monthly for the three months of the engagement. Thereafter, sessions are held monthly (at a minimum), but may also remain bi-weekly (if necessary and at the request of the client)
  • Additional services include 24/7 access to the Coach (as needed)

After Each Session:

  • A follow-up email will be sent (typically within 48 hours) to each client, providing them with a summary of that session’s topics, as well as items and assignments to work on and complete prior to the next session

Note:   All sessions and topics of conversation are held in the strictest of confidence. No information is shared beyond the confines of the sessions unless requested by the client.

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