Timothy A. Kershner
Walz Group
Karlos Deltoro
KNZ Life Coaching
Keith S. Kuzio
President & CEO
Larson Design Group

Recently, our company has transitioned through two sudden and tragic situations with very little ‘true’ succession planning. I was determined to not have anyone of us go through that situation ever again! Having developed a friendship with Dr. Keith over the years, he was the perfect fit to work with us to help develop and prepare our extraordinary young staff for future leadership and succession. Dr. Keith is simply a great person and is a visionary ‘teacher’. So much so, that we have extended iNVISION Group’s ‘coaching’ for another year and have increased additional staff involvement. INVISION Group LSG is playing an instrumental part in our company’s succession planning process.

Dan Laird | President, CFPC, Commonwealth Fire Protection

In spite of the inherent skepticism of attorneys, iNVISION Group quickly won the trust and confidence of a select group of our attorneys…our attorneys were engaged and highly appreciative of the feedback provided. We will be following up with additional leadership training for this select group of attorneys with iNVISION.

David Kleppinger | Chairman Emeritus, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

I met Keith at a networking event and we had an instant connection. What I noticed right away is that Keith is a very empathetic listener and is easy to engage with in conversation. Keith asks clarifying questions and offers practical advice backed up by clinical research and his extensive background of helping people. I was specifically looking for assistance with work/life balance and effective use of my time in all aspects of my life. Keith had me do a number of assessments and equipped me with a lot of “tools” that I did not have before. I was skeptical of the assessments and wanted the “silver bullet” which would propel me to greater success in the shortest amount of time possible. Keith was able to keep me on task and use tools, resources and conversation to bring me to that “ah ha” moment whereby I found the right combination of knowledge and tools to put me on a better path. I continue to work with Keith for more than a year now and am eager to continue to work together for more practical knowledge and for accountability.

Timothy A. Kershner | Principal, Walz Group

I first met Dr. Floyd when he was hired to assist a non-profit board I serve. The board had to sort out the facts and craft action steps regarding a strategic decision that had immediate and long-term implications for our organization. During this engagement, I found Keith to be knowledgeable, insightful, and strategic in his approach to facilitating our decision-making process. I was so impressed by his approach that I brought Keith and iNVISION Group in to assist our firm with the development and implementation of our new strategic plan. Keith’s approach to strategic planning is unlike any that I’ve encountered before. We established mid and long-term changes (visions), but then took these visions and began to make them an immediate reality through the careful crafting and targeting of 90, 180, 270, and 365-day goals to ensure that our plan was optimized for success. Optimization is already being realized due to a hyper focus on incremental goals and action steps. I would highly recommend Keith and iNVISION Group to any and all that find that they have a problem to solve, or a plan to create, and are seeking a uniquely effective approach on how to begin the process and formulate a solution.

Adrian E. Young | Executive Vice President, Faithward Advisors

Mid-sized professional services firm do not develop and execute strategy particularly well. With one simple question “Why?” “Why are we in business together?” “Why did we choose to deliver our services?” “Why do I come to work every day?” Keith Floyd and his team actually debunk this unfortunate truth and do something much, much more. Through their skillful combination of programs – strategic planning, implementation, team building and personal dynamics, iNVISION Group actually confers a competitive advantage to public and private company clients, who are seeking to dramatically increase their competitiveness. Just think, strategic planning exercises that almost guarantee results in gaining insights about real firm differentiators and inspiring employees to implement better and faster. This is what Keith and his team has done for us at the law firm. This is what he will most certainly do for you.

Steve Mauro | Former CEO of Legal Services

Dr. Keith Floyd of iNVISION Leadership Services Group was very instrumental in helping me to discover my “why”. Figuring that out was key to successfully navigating the options as I considered a major career change. Dr. Floyd’s effective coaching techniques help me determine a path that renewed the passion in my work life. Dr. Floyd’s insightful and thoughtful process created a monumental and significantly positive shift in my thinking.

Stan H. Wisler | Former CFO, MCIU & Author of the book “Words Matter”

Our team of young leaders was quite diverse, both from a personality and discipline perspective. Keith did an excellent job of making relevant personal connections with the group and curtailing his Leadership Training to common experiences and themes of our business. Additionally, he left our group with solid foundations of leadership and recommendations for future learning.

Brad Mackie | Maintenance and Materials Manager, Flinchbaugh Engineering Inc.

Dr. Keith Floyd with iNVISION Group LSG has helped our company define our culture of who we are, what we do & ‘why’ we do what we do moving forward allowing us to grow as a team understanding all of our goals as a collaborative group. I believe that any company small to large groups will definitely benefit from having iNVISION Group come and be part of their company allowing them to help you see and find how leadership and company culture can change your quality of relational teamwork and direction.

Nate Yunginger | Owner, Bumpers Etc. Auto Body & Collision

Whether you’re just starting a new business or looking to move to the next stage in your business, I recommend you connect with Keith and iNVISION Group.

Tony Hernandez | Founder, Reflective Wisdom

Dr. Keith Floyd has been one of my best investments in time and resources…If you are searching for a skillful coach; I highly recommend Dr. Floyd and iNVISION Group.

Karlos Deltoro | CEO, KNZ Life Coaching

Keith Floyd is a mensch. His scholarship and learning, in so many topic areas, is matched only by his human touch. I value him as a colleague and a partner.

Geordie Aitken | President, Aitken Leadership Group