We engage with and cultivate people, so that they may become the persons that they are meant to be.

A message from Keith

Our mission is to assist you to look beyond your current thinking & to help you discover your new realities.

Welcome to iNVISION Group. My name is Dr. Keith Floyd and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and to learn more about iNVISION Group – Leadership Services Group. As President of iNVISION Group, I am honored to share with you the services that we provide, as well as demonstrate the value that we deliver to each and every one of our clients.

So, what makes iNVISION Group’s value proposition unique? Whereas most business/leadership services groups are niche oriented to a singular aspect, such as COACHING, TRAINING, PLANNING, and/or ANALYTICS, we at iNVISION Group are uniquely structured to meet all four of these respective service needs within the confines of our collective services model.

This collection of services allows our clients to avoid the pitfalls that can (and often do) occur when they are striving to create cohesion between various initiatives through the use of various service providers; solving problems that are (more often than not) strongly interconnected to one another. This inevitable disconnect can be costly in a multitude of ways unless you are able, from the onset, to avoid the divide entirely. This is where the value of iNVISION Group’s integrated services model eclipses those of our singularly-focused competitors and allows our clients to safely traverse their business/leadership landscape free of the typical pitfalls.


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