Continuous improvement should be the goal of every leader. So, how do we improve? We improve by regularly challenging ourselves (and our teams) with new ideas, concepts, practices, and insights. But where do we begin, and how do we accomplish this efficiently and effectively? This is where iNVISION Group can be of assistance once again. iNVISION Group offers learning programs that are explicitly designed and purposefully executed to meet the varying needs of our clients. This is accomplished by way of two distinct solution streams – our Designed Solutions and our Customized Solutions.

Designed Solutions:

Our Designed Solutions offerings have been developed using current research and best practices models – while also adhering to the constructs of current adult learning theory and delivery designs.

The ‘Series’ designs are:

  • The Foundations Series
  • The Inspired Series
  • The iMAGINE Series

Each of these series has been designed to be delivered in a concise period of time, with two session options. The ‘Core’ sessions may be delivered within a 2-hour to half-day timeframe. The ‘Full’ sessions are full-day engagements. Descriptions of each series are as follows:

Foundations Series

As the name infers, the Foundations Series provides our clients with a deep analyses, as well as profound insights, into their own personal styles and strengths. The series begins with the administration and analysis of the Leadership Analysis Survey or LAS. This survey provides a baseline for the Foundations Series. This foundation is then built upon throughout the course of the learning program. The Foundations Series includes the following:

  • Leadership Styles Analysis
  • Adult Thinking Styles Analysis
  • Personal Strengths Analysis
Team Development Training
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Inspired Series

The Inspired Series is a compellation of top leadership philosophies and principles into one program. This series uses some of the preeminent leaders of our time as the foundation for this learning program, which encompasses universal leadership topics.

(NOTE: Due to the breadth of potential content, this series may also be delivered via a multi-session/multi-day timeframe.)

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Imagine Series

In today’s competitive environment, creativity and innovation are absolutely necessary to thrive and to grow – with the lack thereof being a fast track to potential disaster and almost certain obsolescence. But, how do we harness creativity and make it work for us? – By learning how to look at the world in new and unique ways; allowing innovation to create the world that we want, as opposed to the world that we are given. The iMAGINE Series covers the following:

The iMAGINE Series covers the following:

  • What happens if we don’t create & innovate
  • What creativity can look like & how creativity can be fostered
  • The roots of innovation – connecting the unconnected
  • Application – the outcome of spark & ideation
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In addition to our Series programs, iNVISION Group also offers a long-term learning engagement entitled the Senior Leader Development Program – Advanced Leader Seminars. To learn more about this in-depth, long-term learning engagement, please see below.

Senior Leader Development Program – Advanced Leader Seminars (Long-Term Engagement)

The purpose of the Senior Leader Development Program is to ensure that our clients continue to be a leading force within their respective industries; a place that understands the value of people, while simultaneously demonstrating the ideals of continuous reflection, continuous learning, and continuous growth.

This advanced leader seminar series of six sessions, celebrates the capacity of people to reflect, share, and grow together. It strives to ensure that our clients are healthy for the next turns within their lifecycle.

Our experts at iNVISION Group will assist the next generation of leaders to be prepared to thrive, and most importantly lead in the years to come. The approach to this engagement is comprehensive – addressing the needs of the individual, the group, and the organization.

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Customized Solutions:

CREATE-Ed Customized Solutions

In addition to the pre-designed training solutions, iNVISION Group through our extensive knowledge and experience with current content research, best practices, curriculum development, and adult learning theory, has the ability to create new customized learning programs based upon the specific needs of our clients.

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